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The Creatorship

Introducing The Creatorship

I’ve been dreaming of having what I call an “online watering hole” where entrepreneurs can evolve their brands in a collaborative environment – with more fun and reduced friction. I wanted it for myself, and I wanted it for my clients.


I was wondering how I was going to provide this and along came the Mingle! Collaborative. 


I’ve experienced


  • Simplification of tasks

  • Completion of projects long delayed

  • Quality collaboration

  • Empathy and a kick in the pants

  • Tons of discovery - of myself and my business

  • A bunch of great new friends!


I’ve decided to partner with this group to bring the many flavors of support to you as well.


My new group, The Creatorship, is included in this collaboration.

Join the Collaborative

  • Community Connect

    Every month
     14 day free trial
    • Evolve with Me! Sessions
    • Get $#IT Done Sessions
    • Magazine Subscription
    • Access to Podcasts & Shows 
    • Passes to Conferences
    • 6 Action Planning Courses
  • Dynamic Collaborator

    Every month
     14 day free trial
    • All of Community Connect
    • Attend all Evolve with Me Sessions
    • Attend & Facilitate
    • Get $#IT Done Sessions
    • Featured Article in M Magazine
    • Featured on Podcasts, Challenges & Shows
    • Speak at & Attend Conferences
    • 12 More Action Planning Courses
  • Vision Activator

    Every month
    • All of Community Connect
    • All Dynamic Collaborator
    • Attend & Facilitate Evolve with Me Sessions
    • Attend & Facilitate Get $#IT Done Sessions
    • Featured Section in M Magazine
    • Featured & Produce Podcasts, Challenges & Shows
    • Produce, Attend & Speak at Conferences
    • 18 More Action Planning Courses

Our Clients

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